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Meet Our Chiropractic Care Team

Meet our team of dedicated chiropractic experts in Derby, KS, who are ready to provide personalized care tailored to your needs. Get to know the professionals committed to your health and well-being.

Here are the dedicated professionals behind Brackeen Chiropractic in Derby, KS:


RODNEY SHAW D.C. - Chiropractor

Dr. Rodney Shaw, D.C., is a trusted chiropractor and the Clinic Director of Brackeen Chiropractic in Derby, KS. With over 15 years of experience, he is committed to delivering comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care. Dr. Shaw focuses on finding the underlying cause of each patient's problem to provide personalized treatment and achieve maximum improvement in function. He offers free consultations and designs custom and affordable treatment plans.


Dr. Paul Brackeen, D.C. - Chiropractor

Dr. Paul Brackeen, D.C. is an accomplished chiropractor and acupuncture-certified professional. Currently serving as the Team Chiropractor for the Wichita Wind Surge, he has a strong commitment to athlete well-being. Dr. Brackeen also holds the position of Vice-Chairman of the Kansas Athletic Commission. With a passion for sports and outdoor activities, he enjoys coaching his children in teamwork and lifelong physical activity.


Jamie Eaton - Massage Therapist

Jamie Eaton, a massage therapist since 2008, specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology, and more. From boosting blood flow to preventing injury, Jamie understands the benefits of massage therapy.


Teena Eberle - Insurance Manager


Marilyn Nuss - Office Manager

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We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to ensure a positive experience for our patients. We strive to foster an environment where every individual feels heard, valued, and empowered on their path to wellness.

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